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Hi, Can anyone tell me why I am unable to burn to Datawrite Titanium 8x 4.7gb DVD-R. I have just bought them and I keep getting error messages saying they are an illegal disc!


Hi dotty, What are you trying to backup? what programs are you using? what HW,???, need more info if you want help…


Welcome to the forum. Please post the software you are using, the burner you have, and the media ID. CDSpeed will get the info for you.


Hi Again, I’m using Nero 7 Premium on NEC DVD-RW ND-1300A. I have tried copying from hard disk and error message says burn process failed at 2.4x. Although I have successfully done the same on a DVD-RW 4x. I have also tried copying disc to disc - when I do that the message illegal disc.
Hope this info is enough, I really don’t have much knowledge in burning and copying dvds. thanks


If you download CD-DVD Speed as suggested, put one of the Datawrite discs into your NEC, and click the “Disc Info” tab, you should find the MID info - can you please post that for us?

It sounds, from the 2.4x burn speed, like your NEC’s firmware doesn’t support the disc’s media code.

There may be a firmware update that helps, someone may be able to advise you on that better than I can. :slight_smile:


dotty wrote "I have also tried copying disc to disc - when I do that the message illegal disc.
What are you using to rip your owned movie?


The MID is TTH02.
What is firmware?


Nero 7 Premium


TTH02 is 16x media :slight_smile:

I’m not good at explaining this stuff, but think of firmware as a set of instructions your burner has on how to write different discs, what speeds to support them at, region etc.

Your drive won’t have the right instructions on how to write those Datawrites, because it’s 16x media, and your drive, I believe, is a 4x DVD burner.


That won’t do! try DVDShrink,DVDD, DVDFAB… then use N7P to burn…


Hi dottyfemail, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Even the latest firmware for the NEC ND-1300A doesn’t support TTH02 media.

What is firmware?
Firmware is a kind of upgradeable software inside your drive that controls how the drive reads and writes discs.

In order to properly write to a disc, the firmware must be programmed to know about the specific characteristics of each type of media. Each type of DVD media is identified by its media code, also know as Media IDentifier or MID.

I suggest you get some other 8x or 4x rated DVD+R or DVD-R media for your drive. If your drive isn’t already upgraded to the latest 1.0B firmware, you can get it on this page or directly from this link.


thanks everyone for your help. How can I ensure I buy the right discs for this burner? Also if I decide to invest in a new burner - any recommendations.


Buying a new burner wil definitely make it easier to find compatible media, and burners are getting very cheap. Have a look in our Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.) Forum where this question is being asked and answered all the time.

As for getting compatible media for your current drive, it will be probably be easier to buy online because there is a wider range of media available. But even in Brick & Mortar shops it’s possible to get compatible media if you go to the right place and know what to look for.

It will help us to suggest shops and specific media if you’ll tell us which country you live in.


I agree :iagree:


thank you DrageMester, I’m in the UK


In UK retail shops it’s nigh on impossible to find decent 4x media now (edit: at least in places like PC World, Staples and Curry’s, unless you find old stock). You’re better off ordering online, may I recommend :slight_smile:


Then I can recommend buying from SVP where you’ll find a wide selection of media and good prices, and better customer service than almost any other place. (No I don’t work for them).

The best media you can get there for your drive will probably be Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02).

Some good and affordable media that is compatible with your drive is HP 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1).

If you decide to shop at SVP, as a CDFreaks member you can get a small discount by applying for it before you buy. See this post.

You may have to upgrade your firmware to 1.0B from the links I posted earlier in this thread.

EDIT: I have checked that the 1.0B firmware for the NEC ND-1300A has support for both of the media types that I just suggested.


Thank you, I tried to download the latest firmware but it wouldn’t open once downloaded!


The firmware is in a ZIP file that you need to extract first.

When you have extracted the firmware you’ll find a Readme file (and also a German Liesmich file) and an executable file called NECND13_10B (.exe) that is used to perform the actual firmware upgrade.