Blank Dvd+r recognized as blank cd

Hi, I’m very new to dvd burning (as this post will probably prove)

anyway, I have a benq dw1650 burner and Memorex 4.7gb DVD+R’s and the two don’t seem to get along very well. When I use qsuite, the dvd is recognized as dvd+r with all the space available; however, windows doesnt recognize the blank disc. I’m in the process of capturing old home movies (casettes) to burn to dvd, but I can’t get my software to work because the blank dvd’s are unrecognized. also, when my drive has no media in it, it is listed as a DVD-RW drive under “my computer” upon insertion of a blank dvd+r, the drive is listed as a CD drive
any help would be greatly appreciated

Welcome to CD Freaks, first tell us what version of firmware you have in your BenQ 1650 second obviously Memorex is not known as favourable brand for DVD+/-R but that should not cause for the bland disc not to be recognized. Try to use CD Speed to see if the blank disc can be recognized. You can download the CDSpeed from

Windows [B]doesn’t[/B] recognise blank DVDs so that’s not a problem, also with any blank DVD disc in it’ll think it’s a CD Drive. This is unfortunately a quirk with Windows.

You need DVD burning software installed before you can burn to them. Qsuite shows that there is no problem with the 1650 or the media.