Blank DVD Media

I was looking around locally and saw a few deals going on for blank DVDs. (I’m in the UK by the way).

Anyway, Argos are selling a 5 pack of Maxell DVD-R blank discs (which can be found here) for £4.99 and offering 15 of these discs for £9.98. Which is a good deal, pricewise.

I was just wondering if anyone actually recommends these discs? I wanted to use them for backing up computer console games and backing up DVD movies.

I was going to use them with an LG GSA-5163D external DVD Rewriter.

I also saw some Sony DVD-R and DVD+R discs available from Currys (which can be found here). Again, would you recommend them?

I also saw some Verbatim 16x DVD+R discs available for £1.29 each. Would those be worth buying?

Go with the Verbatims. MCC004 works great with the 5163D.


Unless you like to burn money

Much cheaper :smiley:

So nobody recommends the Sony DVD-Rs?

And Johntea, I’d rather buy blank DVDs that come with DVD or Jewel cases. So those spindles that are selling would be unsuitable for my DVD writing needs.

It’s all well and good recommending the Verbatim discs but the fact is, I can’t find any local shops who sell Verbatim DVD-R discs. I can only find Verbatim DVD+Rs. I’ll need DVD-R because I need to backup my Playstation 2 games. And as far as I know, most Playstation 2 consoles only accept DVD-R game discs not DVD+R game discs.

So can anyone recommend me some good DVD-R discs please?

And another question, if I bought the Verbatim DVD+R discs to backup my original DVDs; will they play on a Playstation 2? I know they’ll pretty much play on most DVD players but the Playstation 2 compatibility is what concerns me most.

I don’t want to be backing up a DVD movie only to find out that it doesn’t play in every DVD player in my house.

Verbatim (MCC), FujiFilm (made in Japan), or Taiyo Yuden. Only use Made In Japan media.

SVP also do jewel cases and DVD cases - it will still work out a lot cheaper than buying on the high street!!

DVD+Rs play on my PS2 (10000 model), whether the booktype is DVD+R or set to DVD-ROM.

But aren’t Sony disc media made in Japan aswell? It is a Japanese company after all.

Are you sure? What version is the 10000 model?

I’m not sure if mine does though. I have a SCPH-30000 (v4) PS2. My PS2 is quiete old - I bought it back in 2001. Which means that I have one of the earliest versions of the console. Thus, this is why I doubt whether DVD+Rs will play at all on my PS2.

And I’m not sure if the booktype setting thing is compatible with the LG GSA-5163D.

The Sonys are Made in Taiwan. A lot of people have had nice results with that media.
harley2ride says buy MIJ media, then talks about Verbatim which is not MIJ at all (MIT, MII, or MIS). Needs to get some facts straight. Verbatim is crap, although well regarded on this forum for some reason.
If you want to buy locally, the Sonys are a nice choice. If online, Taiyo Yuden seems to agree with pretty much anyone.


Some are, but not all. Those shown in the link you posted do not say where they are made, so it is impossible to tell.

The following are some scans of discs burned on my LG GSA-4163B. The 5163D is the external version of the 4163B and is basically the 4163B in an external case. So these should give you an idea of how well the discs people have been mentioning here, burn on your burner, or a close approximation of that anyway. Everything here was burned at their rated speeds, except the Verbatim, which was burned at 12x.

Sony 16x DVD+R, Made in Japan

LG branded 8x DVD+R with Sony MID, probably Made in Taiwan (doesn’t say on cake box label)

Fujifilm 8x DVD+R, Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden

Fujifilm 8x DVD-R, Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden

Verbatim Datalife Plus 8x DVD+R, Made in Taiwan

Note that burn quality is not an indicator of how well these will work on your game console system. All of these should work on a decent DVD player though. They all work fine on my two Philips DVD players.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Verbatim 16x DVD+R. Have not tried these because I’m too stingy to buy them at the moment.

I have not tested Maxells but they should be ok provided they are Made in Japan.

And I’m not sure if the booktype setting thing is compatible with the LG GSA-5163D.

Yes, it should be able to.

If you scroll down to somewhere around the bottom of this page at SVP’s website :

you’ll notice they have a pack of 5 Verbatim 8x DVD-R Pastel Coloured discs which comes in Jewel cases. It appears the discs are made by Taiyo Yuden.

As a whole though PS2s tend to be a little more compatible with quality DVD-R discs. I recommend quality DVD-R for the best chance of success with PS2s. Also as mentioned above, go with SVP before any of those high street deals.

Depending on what the MIDs the SONYs have, some drives can overspeed them to 16x with official firmware and have nice results anyway.

Thanks for the replies guys.

But, I prefer to buy blank media from the high street. I know it’s more expensive that way but I don’t have a Credit Card anyway and I wasn’t planning on getting one either.

So the Sony DVD-R discs should work fine with a Playstation 2? Be it for DVD Movies or DVD-ROM games?

Depends on the PS2 “version/revision” and the built-in drive.

Well, I have a v4 (SCPH-30000) PS2. It’s one of the earliest versions of the console and I’m pretty sure that it mainly reads DVD-R discs.

I’ve never replaced any of the components in the console (such as the disc drive).

My thinking was that Sony blank DVD media would be likely to play on a Playstation 2 console because the Playstation 2 is after all, manufactured by Sony.

Cannot tell you much about it, I have not the insight into this.
I don’t even have a PS2, sorry.

So can anyone who’s got a Playstation 2 tell me if the Sony DVD-R discs will work for DVD backups?

I have an SCPH-39000, and it pretty much reads whatever I throw at it (DVD+R, DVD-R, even DVD+RW). Don’t go with Sony media necessarily though; use whatever media works best with your burner. I don’t think a PS2 cares who manufactured the disc you insert into it as long as its a readable disc!

Interesting point.

I’ve burned Playstation 2 games onto Imation CD-Rs and played them succesfully without problems on my v4 PS2.

It’s just that I’m not sure about the DVD-R and DVD+R compatibility as I haven’t tried either disc standards yet.