Blank DVD Media Not Recognized




I am attempting to use the newest version of DVDFAB to backup DVDs. However, now my Philips DVD burner does not recognize blank DVDs when they are placed in it. I have also tried using the internal DVD burner on my HP laptop, with the same result. It seems as though movies will copy fine using DVDFAB, but then since the drive won’t recognize the blank media, obviously I can’t burn to it. I have also tried using several different brands of DVDs, with the same result. Any suggestions? This problem has never occured prior to installing the newest two versions of the DVDFAB software.
Also, I am using Windows Vista on an HP system.


DVDFab should have anything to do with your burner recognizing media.

Open your burning application and insert a blank disc (without opening or using DVDFab) and see what happens.

Will the drive read pressed discs and previously burned discs?