Blank DVD doesn't start Nero

Hi all, when inserting a blank DVD-R, Nero doesn’t start automatically. Instead I get the windows dialog screen with only one option:
open writeable disc with windows explorer. I even can’t choose a program. How do i fix this to get Nero or Startsmart start automatically?

autoplay should include the start smart. However, if you do not have this option, perhaps it is because it was removed. Run the cleantool and then install Nero again. This may put the option back into the menu. Also, what kind of disc does your computer recognize the blank as?

It’s recognised as a Mixed Content disc although it’s blank and it’s recognised as a writeable disc. Happens with different brands of DVD and CD.

Come on,…
No ideas?
Also noticed that in the configuration pane of startsmart, the option to “Start Nero application when disc is inserted” is even greyed out (not accessible) for any kind of burn action.

I’ve noticed this same problem on Vista with the latest Nero 7. Blank CD has the option to start Nero Express / Nerostart, but not blank DVD. Not sure if it makes a difference, but inCD was installed.