Blank disposable disks

Hello to everybody I am new here :slight_smile: and like all newbies I have a problem ;))

I have recently bought an Emprex DVD writre from PC World, Using datawrite and Ritek disks I have burned lots of movies and most burn fine at 4X (however I have had my fair share of coasters) My problem is this:

Most of the video I burn are from divx files converted or I burn them as data (I have a divx DVD standalone player) A movie will burn ok and play fine for a week or so then it will run into problems, at first it will start skipping, or crashing, then it just wont be read at all, either by my stadalone or the PC. I have used different disks and still get the same problem, I used to use those sticky pressit labels but after advice from a web site stopped as I thought they could be the problem due to overheating or unbalancing but the problem still persists.

I figure its not a PC problem as its burned ok with no problems, So am left with the assumption it may be a disk problem…

If its a disk problem how do I find out which are the best disks to use?

If its not a disk problem anybody any ideas what is causing it?

If I burn over 2 hours of video on a blank DVD could this cause problems? either as divx files or Vob… I can fit 5 or 6 divx movies on 1 disk…

This is doing my head in as I must have threw away over a hundred disks in the last few month, anybody any suggestions?

possibly ?

Sounds like cheap media. Get something decent, you don’t save anything buying crap beause of coasters and aggravation. I use to use Ritek but have had problems with them for the last few months, the quality seems to be very inconsistent. Get Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Maxell, TDK, Ricohjpn or something comparable. Never had a coaster with any of them. More than 2 hrs. on a disc should cause no problem, they will compress more and the video quality might not be as good, but they should play just fine. Bye the way, who the hell makes Emprex, never heard of them.


Sounds like Crap Media Problem - however the Ritek should be OK - I use the 8x -R (G05) and have never thrown a coaster in over 180 +/- burns to date - also agree with the Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell-


Thanks for your replies, you may be right about crap media, I used some Ritek and most were ok, so then I sent my other half out to get me 100, she came back with some printable disks which the bloke in the computer shop said were Ritek (but thinking back they had no label or anything on them so they could have been made by anybody) maybe he sold her a batch of crap disks… Ritek or otherwise :frowning:

anyway I fugure the only way to find out is to buy some other make of disk and see how I get on…

ricoman from what ive read on here someone called BTC make emprex drives

Use DVDIdentifier or the like to identify for SURE who made your disks. You can download DVDIdentifier at the following link free of charge.


Used that dvdidentifier and it came up as CMC Magnetics Corp, so obviously not Ritek as the bloke in the shop said, they make disks for Heward Packard apparently…

CMC isn’t very good media, either.

they make disks for Heward Packard apparently…

Yes he’s one of the biggest buyers around :slight_smile:


Good one-