Blank disk recogition problems


I have a sony dwu 18a, with 832s firmware (CG5G). My problem is that certain types of blank media arnt recognized at all. The media I am having problems with are TDK dvd-r (media code TT02 I think, I got one to burn by shutting down the computer with disk in drive and rebooting, was a terrible burn though) and OEM taiyo yudens dvd-r 4x. When I put one of these disks in my drive the drive makes a noise like the laser is moving up and down a hitting the disk. (it leaves visable marks on the blanks) After 15 or so seconds of this the drive makes a soft beeping noise untill it gives up.

Fixes I have tried, new aspi, lots of different firmwares old and new even back to stock, reset learnt media with eeprom tool, fresh OS install and unistalled all dvd related software and reinstaled.

System specs
cpu 1000mhz
RAM 256
OS Win2K pro

Is this a known problem or is my dvd drive playing up, BTW I am still getting acceptable burns with princos, Ritek G04’s and 5’s and tdk dvd+r 8x ricoh manufactured.

thanks for any ideas

go here under the dvd burner section for dvd burner and blank media compatibility

Not much help there, looked at all the drives that mine can be flashed to, seems some people have had good results with TTG02 in the lite on 812 (the tdks im having problems with)

@ nuffja
The TT02s may be of very poor quality. There was some posting earlier of many bad batches where similar problems existed…poor burns, incomplete burns, non-recognition, etc. Yours may be from that very bad batch. The TY02s may be fakes(but maybe not…just a thought). That is the only thing I can think of that would be causing your drive to be so selective in what media types it will read. Liteons can be very finicky with media anyway.
A simple suggestion would be to stay away from the bad stuff and stick with the good stuff. You could try those bad disc types on someone else’s drive to see if it exhibits the same tendencies as on your drive. If they work on someone else’s, maybe you can work a trade…

If you really want to totally avoid problems use dvd+r discs only. I have an 832s and never have a problem because I use dvd+r only.

Thanks for the help, it seems there is no easy answer.

Since the firmware update to CG5G and resetting learnt media with the new eeprom tool, ive been getting excellent burns with tdk + media (ricoh made) even got some quality burns with princos. Thanks to the guys who put the effort into making these tools.