Blank Disk Message



Of course I’m a Newb :o I have been using DVD Clone with no problems until recently. I get the files ready for burn to the disk and when I insert one it doesn’t register a disk. It is a few different disks that I have tried that HAVE worked before and nothing. I would have figured better media but they are the same disks I was using. I tried Shrink and XCopy too with same results. I am using a dell XPS with a Optiarc DVD±RW ND-3570A If that helps. Any clues on how fix this? Thanks in advance. :bow:


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Do you have Alcohol installed at all? That can sometimes be the reason for the “insert blank disc” messages.


Never heard of it but like I said…NEWB


Trying it now, almost done. Thanks for the idea.


Did you switch batches of media from the time you were ok and now? Example: Switched format,brand name,speed rate,or even switched to another spindle?

Sounds like a firmware issue-making you drive unable to recognize your blank media.

What’s the current firmware version on that Optiarc drive?

What’s the brand name,format,and speed rate of your blank media and your succussful backups?


I don’t think Alcohol’s gonna work. I only asked because there’s a setting in there that can cause blank media not to be recognised as such :slight_smile:

It’s more likely that your brand of media has switched manufacturer, and your drive doesn’t like it (as suggested above). A firmware update may help there.


I just tried Alcohol and it looks like it read the disk but said there wasn’t enough space. I went into properties before hand and selected compress files. Any ideas?

I’m currently using Sony DVD-R 4.7GB 1-16X They are new spindles. The best one I have used is Verbatim 16x

I’m not sure what my latest firmware is, I searched for the file with no results. I am guessing I should just try to get the latest firmware?


How do I know which Firmware to download? I was just looking and I read:

These pages are only for advanced users. Bad flashing could destroy your drive definitively. Read carefully the installation notes of your firmware before you upgrade. The Firmware Page and the drive manufacturer can’t be responsable on REMEMBER: This is at your own risk!!!


Unfortunately, I flashed my NEC awhile back, and I can’t remember the steps I took :doh:

We do have an NEC/Optiarc forum though, maybe take a look at some of the stickies in there.

Hopefully another NEC/Optiarc owner will guide you through it, though :slight_smile:


Thanks, I appreciate it!