Blank disc

how do I tell if an unlabelled burned disc is a wav file or Mp3 type; what steps do I take…thanks

What do you mean? you can burn wav AND mp3 to a CD as data, but the CD player MAY NOT recognize it unless it says that it can play MP3 CD’s in which it will only recognize the MP3 files and not the .WAV files, in a standard CD player without the Mp3 feature, it won’t work at all unless you chose to burn a standard audio CD

I have an unmarked disc, I want to know the steps you would take to tell if the songs burned on that disc were in the wav format or the Mp3 format…

Just put it in the computer, and if the files show with the extension .wav they are .wav files, if they show as .MP3 then they are MP3s if it shows with the .CDA extension, it is a standard audio CD!

sorry, I’m doing something very wrong.
I put the disc in, click open WMP and go to file and nothing…
I go to the Drive “D” and properties and it shows nothing, (0 bits)
I play the songs and click on them and to file and properties and it only shows;lenght, media type, and location.
The songs play fine but I can’t seem to get even the basic information I need
anyone else have an idea.thanks

Can you post a screenshot here? So I can see? are they wav files or MP3 files?

it does say "track01.cda cdAudio Track 1kb
and when that’s opened it shows size 44 bytes

I am in the wrong place on this computer or clicking on the wrong heading or…

thanks for your patience RCM, but I don’t know how to do that…and of course that’s the basic question: how do I tell if I have a WAV burned disc or an Mp3 burned disc…Windows does not make this to easy…

That’s a standard audio CD try opening windows media player, and playing it from there! To do this, right click and try clicking Auto-Play.

If you put the CD in your drive, does this come up?

yes that page came up and I can see my Nero and WMP and so on

What happens when you highlight what I did & then click OK?

theAudio CD (D) window opens
I can see the 12 songs
all labeled: Track01.cda
CD Audio Track
1 KB

Sorry: just noticed it’s after 12:00 so I will finish this tomorrow,
BUT thanks to all for you time and help, and maybe tomorrow I may know and share the info…

on the left side the details open up to: Audio CD (D)
CD Drive…
File System: CDFS
Free Space
Total Size

If you want the music files as digital files, rip [copy] the CD to your hard drive with Windows Media Player.

If not, just play the CD as a normal audio CD, as it IS a normal audio CD [as RCM said last night].

I am opening in the Windows Media Player, does this make a difference?

because there is no information on whether it’s burned in a WAV or MP3 format and if it’s MP3 how do you tell if it’s 192 or 320 or 64 or whatever…thanks
In other words; what steps do you use after you put in an unlabeled disc, (that has been burned); what was the original setting used on the burned disc you now have, (although it plays, what is actually the quality of the disc).
Thanks everyone who has tried to get this question…

You won’t know what quality the files were originally in. They are now in the CD Audio format, used by all audio CDs, which will require you to re-rip them to the format of your choice.

Audio CDs are…I think equivalent to .WAV files in quality, but a quick Google search will tell you. And you cannot treat an audio CD as plain .WAV files. All audio CDs use a base format. Some have slightly higher quality than others, but it’s rare.

thanks Albert. I believe all commercial, or do they call them “Red Book” cd’s are in the 1411 or WAV format as you said. I thought, and I must be misinformed, that you can’t go from a 128 MP3 speed and burn it back to a WAV format.
I was trying to see if it was known about the original speed or quality, (and or if anyone knew how it could be found), you would at least be able to keep a 192 lets say at 192 or lower. I didn’t think you could change it back to a lets say 320 speed.
I was more interested in the quality of the sound, (WAV)rather than the amount or speed, (MP3), like a poor sound of 32 or 64 and so on.
Nothing seems to be easy any more. I should go back to vinyl…