Blank CD-R not detected on CD-RW and DVD-RW

I have a DVD-RW and CD-RW, recently my TDK DVD-RW 880N cant seem to detect Blank CD-R and cant burn them, but it is able to read DVDs and Write to Blank DVD-R and DVD-RW.

I do not know why this is a problem, so what i did is I plugged in my spare Sony CD-RW to test if it can detect CD-R and it has the same problem like my DVD writer has. I do not know how to solve this problem.

Since my Blank media works find on other writers and have tried it on my Laptop too. I burned a CD on using my laptop and tired playing with both of the DVD and CD Writer and it does not detect. :frowning:

Please help me solve this problem. :sad:

Thank You :flower:

Disable the IMAPI-Burn Engine and any possible installed Packet Writing software (InCD etc).
Clean the drive, test again.

I do not have InCD installed in my system. How do i disable IMAPI Burn Engine?

Just so you know, I had this symptom on my first BenQ DW1620 when it failed.

Sorry, reviewing your symptoms a second time your issue does not appear to be purely hardware related like mine was.

What i did was uninstall the IDE Controller and reinstall it again.

Now i can burn CD-R on my CD-RW.

My DVD-RW is still the same problem doesnt detect Blank CDs.

Could be the CD laser has crapped out on that drive.

What do you mean exactly by that?
Don’t forget that even xp doesn’t support DVDs natively.
So you would have to use a proper burning app to be able to burn on DVD!

What i meant was my CD-RW can now Burn CD-r.

But my DVD-RW still faces the same problem : Does not detect Blank CD-R :sad:

OK, I’ll say it different:

WHAT burning app do you use? Which version?

Nero. Version

Is it an OEM version (came with a drive)? If so, it will only work with drives of that brand.

Hi, I have this same problem. I just bought a notebook and it came with this
“HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GCA-4080N”. Now that says dvd-rw, but on the notebook description, and on the actual drive cover it says “DVD Rom - Compact Disc ReWritable - DVD ReWriteable” so it should be able to burn cd’s too. I’ve put in no name brand blank cd-r’s, sony cd-r’s and memorax cd-r’s and it can’t detect any of them (can find them if something is on them, but not blanks). It came preloaded with “SONIC digitalMedia Plus v7”, and it, Nero v6.6.x, and Alcohol 120% can’t find it (neither can XP). Why is it doing this? (Notebook was bought the first day of september, oldest driver on it was dated nov 04, so I assume it was made after that).

re: #11 newbie123’s OEM Nero…

Huh? Are you sure the OEM Nero will only work with the drive/brand that it shipped with? My OEM Nero, that came with my bulk OEM BenQ 1640, recognizes and works fine with my TDK/Sanyo CD-RW slave. Another friend is also using his (OEM BenQ 1640/OEM Nero) with his Teac/Liteon 812s/slave. Can anyone confirm this OEM Nero/shipped drive only situation? And, if so, wouldn’t a registry edit “fix it up” fine if needed?


OEM and bundles is not the same. Bundled will only work combined with the special burner, OEM can be bought seperate and will work with any burner supported by Nero.

Thanks for that. Nero is increasing my confusion. My Nero disk (has Express6.3.1.26, Vision Exp, Showtime and the other usual toys) says “OEM SUITE” prominently near the bottom in big lettering. Smaller and below that, it says “Bundle with CD/DVD Recorder Only” and “Not for Resale” below that.

I guess you are saying that there is yet another “flavor” of Nero that is bundled and is also NOT the OEM Suite version. Perhaps on that variety, the CD itself may have the drive makers name on it, rather than the common, red disk, Nero “OEM Suite” markings. My disk came packed inside the plastic bag of my bulk pack 1640 drive, presumably at the BenQ factory (Jun '05 China.)

Mh, to get rid of the confusion, you could uninstall all of Nero and then TEST your drive with the Nero trial.

All wrong buddies! :sunglasses:

It’s in the hardware. I’ve got the SAME problem and I read somewhere, that it has something to do with the Mainboard chipset. :-/ I’ve got K7T266 PRO (MS-6380) with AMD 1,2GHz and few days ago I bought Samsung SH-S182D. Oddly enough, the first CD-R Verbatim went without any problems, but the next one was not even detected. However, DVD-+R were detected without problem. So, I tried to put the drive into another PC (…not sure about the Main Board model, I only know it was a newer version of ASUS) and BINGO! Any CD-R was detected within few seconds! So, now I know where the problem is, I only don’t know HOW to fix it. :-/ I’m searching through the i-net for some answer, but nada. Already tried VIA chipset driver update, BIOS update, DVD-ROM update, cable PRI, SEC switching… and nothing. Looks like the only solution is to change the Main board. :-/

…omg, its solved. It was just a bad power supply!!!