Blank CD Problem

Clone CD does not detect a blank CD in my RW drive.

Yeah… so I have tried this with two seperate CD packs and CloneCD says NO to each. And here is the kicker.

Nero sees them just find. I have already sent all my ISO’s and CUEs over to Nero. … I need to get my CCD’s over there… but as i said. CloneCD doesnt think there is blank CDs in there.

do you have Alcohol 120% or any other CD emulation software installed? if so, make sure the options to “hide CD-R” media are turned off. in Alcohol, go to Options>Emulation and uncheck all boxes.

Still doesn’t work. :-\

ALso, I do have Alcohol installed, but that was some funky MFS or something filetype needed it for an image of a Linux disc. I have had this problem BEFORE Alcohol… since I have always been a Daemon fan.