Blank CD issue



Okay. So, I’m trying to burn a CD. The CDs I have are colored (Cool colors music CD-R). I picked a blue CD and tried to burn to it. It wasn’t recognized by Windows Media Player, and I was asked to put another blank CD in. I tried the rest of the blue ones, and none of them worked. Then I tried an orange/yellow one, which worked. Purple, black, and red worked as well. Is there anything I can do, or are the blue ones just messed up?


Check out your disks using My Computer.
Put in a disk and press start - select My computer - Right click for options and select - properties. This shows the file type the disk supports.
My blue recordable discs are for DVD and show file type RAW.
Also check out the other colors that work. You may have some faulty disks.

Have fun.