Blank CD identification

I followed the FAQ but still have failed to identify most of my CD-Rs. Nero utility seem not to have information about dye at all, although I downloaded the most recent version. LiteOn utility has failed to identify most of my disks (including SONY ones). In fact it has only identified one, and very old one too. For others it kept saying they were phtalocyanine of unknown manufacturers. It also seemed to get the disk capacity incorrectly, ie it’s got 25 minutes for all recorded ones.

Is it my misunderstanding, or I am using wrong programs? May it be my drive’s fault? I am using an old 8x TEAC drive, I do not remember the exact model. It did identify one disk though. My friend tried identifying disks under Linux with x-cd-roast, and was successful.

So, are there utilities other than Nero and LiteOn, that can identify CD blanks?

What “LiteOn” utility are you using?
Kprobe can identify media, if you’re using this, what version do you have?
LiteOn SmartBurn utility can also identify discs.

I’ve tried SmartBurn, it didn’t really work. I’ve downloaded the most recent version.

Ok, I give up. Could anyone walk me through the blank CD identification process? I’ve tried literally over a dozen of different cds, both new and old, blank and burned, generic and brand name like Sony, TDK. I couldn’t identify them. For one or two disks programs seemingly could establish the dye type: cyanine. I’ve tried CDSpeed, Smartburn and Kprobe. CDSpeed just shows all blank fields when asked about the disk info. Smartburn gives “Phtalocyanine” and UNKNOWN manufacturer for all disks save those two that it actually managed to identify as UNKNOWN cyanine. Kprobe also fails to identify all three parameters: disk type, manufacturer, dye type for all disks. All three programs give lead in = lead out = 25:75:75 for all burned disks.

Am I doing something wrong? Can it be my drive? Can i be some driver like ASPI (although I have used the newest Nero ASPI with CDSpeed according to the instructions)? What do you think? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

I suggest you borrow a dr from your friends to try out again. My LiteOn 1633S read well on Nero. :slight_smile:

Do a search for Force ASPI.
remove all versions and reinstall ASPI 4.6 only.

You may also want to try using Kprobe with the SPTI driver.

Thanks, I think that might be ASPI. At least I copied some winaspi32.dlls over the existing system ones, and everything became worse, now Nero Information crashes the computer whenever I start it. How exactly do I reinstall ASPI, and where do I get this 4.6 version?

All you need is Force ASPI! It can do it all :slight_smile:

It didn’t work. I now have Force ASPI 1.7 which corresponds to ASPI file versions 4.60. I am running under Windows XP, so I have tried Force ASPI 1.8 as well but it didn’t change anything. I am using Nero package, and it can write disks, it just does not say of what type, manufacturer etc. the disks are. If it can’t detect the type, it doesn’t choose the optimal strategy for burning, does it?

It is not the drive: I tried two different drives, and both were able to detect the disk types being plugged to a different system box (under Linux). Nero Info Tool ASPI section says that ASPI is configured correctly for both “system” and “Nero” installations. System files have version number 4.60, “nero” ones have The drive is plugged as a secondary IDE master with DMA on. I see no hardware or software conflicts of any kind, everything seems to be normal and works perfectly except that I cannot see the manufacturer and dye type for blank media.

Does anybody have any idea why I couldn’t detect the blank disk types? May it be some system service? Drivers? Anything?


Ist dumb question: You are trying to id these on a DVD Burner and not a DVD-Rom?

Just a few other programs

Alcohol 120 was able to ID a blank cd-r that nothing else would ID.

Just a few others to try.

No, it’s not dumb, but I know that a regular drive won’t id the blank media. I am using a CD burner Toshiba SD-R1312 though. I will try other programs that you’ve suggested but I really think it is something more low level since several programs refused to id disks, and I am trying regular Taiyo Yudens which are sort of industry standard…

Ok, Alcohol worked. Why doesn’t Nero id the blanks?

Ok, I figured it out with the help of the Alcohol’s FAQ. I am writing it here just in case somebody else has a similar problem.

It appears that I have created a virtual CD drive with Alcohol long ago and for the reasons unrelated to CD burning. Somehow the option in Alcohol -> Options -> Emulation -> “Ignore media type” has got checked, and apparently it affected all the physical drives as well, not only the virtual ones. Once I’d unchecked that option, Nero was able to identify media.

Thanks to everybody who suggested stuff. I think that all advice contributed to finding the solution.

YES!!! Thanks a bunch I had the same problem! My disk info in nero is now working as well… I doubt I would of ever straightened it out either, maybe short of removing alcohol all together