Blank CD Emulation

Does anyone know if there is a way to mount an image of a blank CD-R? My intent is to “burn” audio files to a virtual CD-R so I can use my itunes files in windows media player.

If I could get the Alcohol Virtual drive to look like a blank CD-R I think it would work. Thanks

Try Virtual CD , available here .

Alcohol cannot presently do this.

Thanks for your help. I may try Virtual CD but I already paid for Alcohol so I’m not sure if its reasonable to spend another $40 on software. My fault for not knowing exactly what I wanted the software to do when I purchased it.

There is a demo version available , don’t know how much functionality it has though.

Demo version has full functionality with the exception that it’s limited to 4 virtual drives (versus 31 in the full version) and only runs for 30 days. However, Alcohol 52% is also available now as a free version for personal use.