Blank Audio CD's

Hi Everyone,

I was shopping at circuit City the other day and I noticed that there is some branded blank Sony Audio discs (with a ‘W’ walkman symbol on the spindle box). These media was pretty costly and AFAIk it was for $30. I could not find any information regarding these CD’s as in what material they use and stuff? I asked the Circuit City guy and he nothing about that either. I am contemplating buying these CD’s to back up my Audio CD’s. But is it really worth paying the extra moolah if I can just get the same stuff done on some Memorex or TDK? Any ideas…? Is there a specific blank CD meant ony for Audio? Has anyone tried them?

Aquarius :slight_smile:

There are special discs for recording audio only, that is true…but are they worth the extra money ? Mmmh, I don’t know. Only thing I know is, that some of my cd players, which I use(d) for playing backups on cd-r die(d) earlier than my the other ones for which I use(d) Audio CD-R. My DVD players don’t care about this…

These discs have a different code embedded in them.
Certain standalone CD-writers (the ones in a stereo system) often only work with those media, I believe because certain copyrights are then paid on them…


Do these CD’s differ in any other way from the regular CD-R’s? I mean…if I back up any of my Audio CD using this particular CD, then it will be more better in terms of audio reproduction and playback when compared to other regular CD-R’s? If that is not the case, then are we just being overcharged for the “embedded code” that lets standalone players play the CD’s?
I dunno if I want to pay for these CD’s if that is the only reason!

Aquarius :frowning:

I have heard time and time again that if you have quality data (no matter what form) and as long as the CD-R is good you’ll burn a good CD. No difference in the sound quality.

Don’t waste your money on these. Just get quality CD-R media.

I’d strongly recommend Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO which are both excellent quality. They play in everything that they’re tried on including my car stereo which officially won’t play CD-R.

The other thing is what you burn the on. Earlier DVD writers weren’t especially good CD burners & some still aren’t. A decent CD writer, maybe a Liteon, could be a decent investment.

The only reason why there are blank “audio” CDRs is because in some countries (like The Netherlands) the tax on these discs is higher to compensate for the loss the record industry suffers from copying music CDs.

In Canada this is also the case, see

Effective January 1, 2001, private copying levies will increase to 29¢ on audio cassette tapes of 40 minutes or longer (remaining zero for tapes of shorter length), 21¢ on CD-Rs and CD-RWs and 77¢ on CD-R Audio, CD-RW Audio and MiniDiscs.