Blank Audio CD-R ejected before burning starts

DVD burner is NEC
CD burner is Lite-on
Software is NERO Express v7.5.13.2
Blank CD-R is SONY 700mb

sorry i’m not home to verify the models of the burners. DVD burner works fine for burning DVD’s via DVD Shrink v3.2

AUDIO is a different story. as soon as i begin the burn process, NERO ejects the blank CD-R and tells me to insert a blank CD-R. This happens on both burners.

This used to be intermittent but now it is constant and it happens on 2 different burners on the same PC: DVD & CD.

on my work PC, i have no problems using the same discs & the same Nero version of NERO. both PC use Windows XP Professional.

anyone else experience this and resolve it?

Thanks, JC