Blame DRM for falling music sales



I just posted the article Blame DRM for falling music sales.

A hot topic amoung everyone in the forums is that of DRM. It seems this is also a hot topic with the record companies who have been in talks at the annual industry meeting in France this week.

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Has anyone else heard of these “libraries”, where you can read books for FREE instead of buying them?


@punistation, you mean project gutenberg?


Lower the price! The music industry has been charging about the same price for new releases since the early 90’s and it is getting old. I paid $15 USD back then and still paying $15. This is one of the reasons I stopped buying CDs. I really hope one day the Music industry falls into the same rut the Movie Industry is facing. People are going to the theater less now because of two things: high prices and sorry movies. It’s cheaper to wait for the movie to come out on DVD and rent it for a fraction of the cost than to pay $50 to go to a movie theater with the wife and kids. This of which brings up another question, why can movie DVDs be sold for less than music CDs? I know for a fact it can cost way more to make a movie than a record.


DRM Free, lossless audio, I’ll gladly pay for that…oh wait, I already do, I buy used CD’s.


The record industry deserves what they get. They’ve been ripping off the customer from day one. Digital downloads cost nothing, yet we are charged more for them than a physical CD? That’s pure BS. They have a complicated pricing scheme designed to rip off the artists, and the consumer. A physical CD should cost no more than $9.99 ever. A double CD, $12.99. Digital downloads should be .25 per song, and DRM free. Artificially keeping digital downloads at .99 ea in order to protect physical CD’s is ridiculous. Shalin007 makes a good point, movies cost hundreds of millions to make, take much longer to edit, design and print- yet they can be purchased for $7.99 to $ 9.99 all day. How on earth can the record industry justify their pricing on CD’s when compared to DVD’s? They can’t. Here is a simple solution to improve sales record industry- are you listening? Price digital tracks at .25 ea, and make them DRM FREE. Add in cover art, lyrics, and photos, while you’re at it. Make your entire back catalog available for download at .25 ea song. Can you even do the math? Everyone would pay .25 for a digital song. Until you meet the customers demands, (Uh, that would be me and about 100 million others who USED to buy your product) we won’t be buying your product.


We all hate DRM, but can’t they see that DRM is the wrong way to go and targets the wrong people… People like me still buying CDs and maybe the ocassional DRM’ed tracks (I hate free P2P), DRM will not target non buying people. Everyone I know who can access e.g. LimeWire thinks it’s normal to get them and would never buy those tracks anyway, even if they were cheaper!


I wouldn’t steal a song that doesn’t play… …and I WILL NOT BUY a song that doesn’t play either.