Blame Canada, it does 50% of the world's movie piracy!

Since both the RIAA and the MPAA have been caught directly and indirectly using lackeys and stooges trying to bribe Canadian Crown Ministers , who else do they have to blame for their ever increasing profits? :c

this is no surprise to me. i’d say the #1 place for movie, game, and software piracy is: THE PACIFIC MALL MARKHAM, ONTARIO YA YOU HEARD ME! :d that place is a cesspool of piracy and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was the central hub for all of Canada’s piracy. the computer and electronics shops get busted every 2-3 months when the RCMP does a raid on the entire mall, and then the stores just open up again a few months later under a family member’s name. :r XP

The number of GPL software headlines tends to be inversely proportional to the amount of copyright violation. In countries that value license agreements, like Europe, GPL headlines abound. They value copyrights enough to make their own content. In countries where license agreements are like paper, like China, GPL headlines don’t exist. They don’t value the copyrights enough to make their own content. Based on this metric, Canadia should be 2nd and US should be first. You never hear about Americans making GPL products.