Blades of Glory

This title can be done with or without the machinist. However you need to edit the title when you click new. I will post 2 screens on this and label them accordingly. DVD neXt COPY XPress will not do this title right now and they are working on an update.

Normal default title ( won’t work )

Edited title that will allow you to back this title up.

That was a great find Dr.Who nice job I backed up my copy of Blades of glory without a hitch thanks to your find!! :clap:

Hello ,I just downloaded DVDneXtcopy.
I dont know if anyone knows why .But Heres my Problem.
When I first Download the program.When its done .It opens up right.
But When I close it .And Want to reopen it.
It dose not open right.A window comes up that says
Problems with load resourses.So when I click ok.The Program opens.
But not completely. Any Ideas…Thanks

What OS and how much ram is install plus how many running processes are running?

Thanks for the reply…

I have a Brand new computer, HP To Be Exact.

I Have plenty of ram.More than a gig.

OS Vista…But it says it is compatible.

Im very right on with my comp

I have nothing running that dont need to be running

Start up is minimal…But Im open for suggestions

And again Thanks for getting back to Cool

Try this.

[B][I][U]This will assist you on main client errors if you do this verbatim.[/U][/I][/B]

[B][U]Write down your Key to unlock the software.[/U][/B]

You need to completely remove all versions from your computer.

[B]1.[/B] Go to your Start / Programs menu and uninstall all versions of DVD neXt COPY.

[B]2.[/B] Restart your computer.

[B]3.[/B] Click on Start / Search for files and folders.

[B]4.[/B] Click on all files and folders; enter dvdnextcopy with no spaces and click Search and make sure your search includes hidden folders and there will be two exe.files found please make sure to delete these also.

[B]5.[/B] Delete all dvdnextcopy files and folders that are found in the search and restart your computer.

Download and install ccleaner and or advance windows care personal they are both free.

Advanced WindowsCare Personal - Download

Download CCleaner - Download

[B]6.[/B] Do step 5 again to make sure you get rid of all the dvdnextcopy files and folders.

[B]7.[/B] Go to the DVD neXt COPY support page or come here and re-download the latest version to your hard drive with all firewalls and antivirus turned off.

[B][U](Make sure you select save instead of run and save the file to your hard drive. Then install it from your hard drive).[/U][/B]

[B]8.[/B] After installation, restart your computer and run the software.

You will be asked to re-enter your serial number again.

Thanks Im gonna try that.Im pretty sure I got all files out.
Im gonna check out the program yopu mentioned
Also I have AVG, But that must be something different than this one program

I will let you know my results…Again thanks for the help.

I got more help from you ,Than them

[QUOTE=wizard2465;1916921]Thanks Im gonna try that.Im pretty sure I got all files out.
Im gonna check out the program yopu mentioned
Also I have AVG, But that must be something different than this one program

I will let you know my results…Again thanks for the help.

I got more help from you ,Than them[/QUOTE]

I hear this allot and thanks for the nice reply. I have asked that they at least learn from my post on another forum.

Hay Blades ,Your a smart Dude.
I did what you said, Works like a charm.

You are the Man..Thanks alot..   And Have a good one.........And Talk to you again.......  Wizard

Anytime. All this weeks releases are just fine too except if you use anydvd with DNC and trying to copy “meet the robinsons” Slysoft is working on this though as we speak.

Hey Blades,Wizard here again.If you dont mind I have another question for you. I download The machinist2dll as you know.and it worked well with DVDnextcopy…But I also Hve Roxio 10…And I would like to know.How to apply that to Roxio copy…Cause That program works great,
I seen somewhere on a chat That you can use that or dvd43.Im not sure with visa.But is there any way to make roxio 10 able to use a decrypter…Thanks Man .Any info will help.When I download that program it automaticly work with Nextcopy I like to redirect it or make it work with both.:cool: The Wizard Thanks Man .Any info will help

Currently due to various variables in PC hardware/software I won’t recommend dvd43. I will only recommend AnyDVD not free or the machinist that is free.

The machinist2.dll and DVD43 ONLY remove CSS protection! When either of these programs are installed they work like a driver running in the background.

When you put a CSS protected disc into your computers optical drive the CSS is made invisible to the operating system and installed programs. This is the easiest basic discription of what these 2 programs do…

Most backup programs will not work with these programs because they only remove CSS Protection. The movie studios author movies in such a way that they include bogus material or Bad sectors to the DVD’s which is something altogether different than CSS Protection.

Some Backup software have features built into it to remove Bogus material or bad sectors and then using DVD43 or Machinist2.dll to remove CSS Protection is ok.

In most cases I would suggest using ANYDVD as this removes CSS Protection, Bad Sectors and Bogus Material along with a few other nice features.

I do not suggest using Machinist as once the program is installed it cannot be disabled, it is always running and functioning and to disable it you have to uninstal it…

ANYDVD and DVD43 can be disabled once installed giving the user the ability to turn on or off when wanted!

ANYDVD, DVD43 and the Machinist2.dll will all run in Vista 32 Bit systems, I am not sure if DVD43 will run on a 64Bit system… :slight_smile:

DVD43 will not run on Vista 64 bit from what I have heard, the other 2 will.