Blades of Glory and DVDFab 4032 - does not rip


New to DVDFab. I’ve been combing through this forum and it seems older versions of DVDFab were able to handle this disk. I’m using 4032 and it runs into a read error at around 20.57%, copying VTS_08_1.VOB.

Tried to force Pathplayer on and off, still the same error. Main Movie mode works but I’d like to rip the full disc.

Anyone know if there is a specific problem related to 4032? Or is this a nub user error?

BTW, this is the 4x3 version in R1.



If main movie works it could be two things. One it could be your
copy or two it could be some new r.c.e. protection. First try a different copy and if it works in full disc mode you know it was just
your copy. If not then send your log which contains your vob.and
ifo files in your dvdfab documents to FENGTAO,and his team. They
way to send it to him is located closer to the top of this page
where you placed your blog under FENGTAO how to send ifo files.
Anyway I also own a copy of this dvd and I will try it in full disc
mode if it works then you will know it’s just your copy.
Good Luck ZAP.

I ran my copy of blades of glory through dvdfab in full disc
setting and it went through fine. Like I said before it might be
your copy. Also just to be safe do a disk clean up then defragment
of your hard drive. Just to make sure you have enough space.
Good Luck ZAP.


Thanks for your help on this. I don’t know what the problem is. It’s probably got something to do with my disk. However, I tried Ripit4me and it worked. DVDFab doesn’t have any problems with other disks in my libarary.


Actually on the 16:9 [B]R1[/B] release of this I have it die at 20.75% in [I]VTS_08_1.VOB[/I]. The disc is fine according to [U]Nero DiscSpeed[/U] and I’ve previously used this disc with multiple programs including older [U]DVDFab[/U] versions w/o issue.

Hi samw97,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

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[QUOTE=fengtao;1966433]Hi samw97,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

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This update resolved my problem with the widescreen R1 release of the movie, as well.