Blade = shit



Blade sucks
check out there homepage = bull shit


Well, we think that your now telling BULLSHIt, because Blade is indeed a good cd!
Where else can you find a 10 pack on silver for a low price?,…
OK, they’re page need to be updated soon, but this will happen when Blade 2 will be released (this week!!)


*********************************************, we have blade2 as first, so pre order it now!


Thats no bull shit…
if you say they reales in a few days
why can´t they put upp it on the homepage
so people now whats going on.
the realesdate i got was 4/10 8/10
Ok I now,why dont I buy from another team.
and I do that,but I want Blade too
And I want it right NOW.
B.T.W when I get,I get before you …hi hi


Well i think your wrong hihi, because we have it first so…sleep furter, and WHY do you say that blade sux, BUT you will buy it?, pretty strange…



eej man blade-hater, are you Maser? That nbr-dude?



Hello again boys
Im not a Blade hater.. Im trying to get some respons from the Crew
but they are not online…he he
And you Scarface have a nice
The Swede


no 9, who cares if they have a homepage??

actually i’d prefer if they DIDNT… (like akira … more anonymous)…

however you can’t argue that the stuff about 10cds is a little crap… they release 10 cds that arent actually filled up… and at a low price… must be because they want to steal costumers fra akira…
they should make it and 8 pack (with good compression + 80min cds it could fit with the vcd too!!)

my fave is still akira…

ps!! ill get it before you too!! hihihihihhihihihihi