Blade:House of CHTON protection broken

I just copied this movie in movie only mode as well as full disc using dvd95copy’s latest release!! :slight_smile:

Won’t be long before others will follow. This is a nice piece of software to have in the tool box.

can i use the ripit4me onthis movie

No you can’t it will not work on this title unfortunately some have used smartripper to get a movie only copy though so some have claimed I tried but was unsucessfull. :confused:

I just downloaded the new version. It is version The last version I had was I also saw the post on the SlySoft forum in the 3rd party section.

Apparently DVD95 is the first program to break this disc. Great news.

I believe so I am not sure there are so many different software companies but I am almost 100% sure this is the first company to defeat the new protection… :smiley:

see my post in other blade HOC thread.

DVDfab --copy movie only, then use CVD encryptor to create file then use rip it 4 me on that