Blade covers?



why cant one of these sites like hexagon but up blade covers…are they to hard to scan…if they are send them to me ill scan them and send them where ever ya want them to go…


The only cover i have is the cover of Blade 4 and Blade 5.
If you have other covers, please mail them to me.


i wish someone would post them on some site


I really need the cover of Blade 6 if anyone has it.


Here is the cover of Blade 6:


Talex… That is not the origional Blade 6 cover, not that it realy matters now that Blade are packing in due to Myself !! among others mentioning there name on forums like this. With the greatest respect to Team Blade they did ask us not to talk about there releases but we are only human and humans have a good track record for f******g up a good thing, maybe we should learn from our mistakes and respect the requests of these crews when they ask us not to mention there product…

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