Blade 5

Does somebody know the password for Blade 5?
I’ve tried helpmesavetheembryo, but it doesn’t work…

Grtz Jeroen

It is helpmeshavethembro

whats the point of a password when they post it anyway…when they go to dvd i hope they have the brains not to have a password,whos it stopping the feds???

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Sorry Johan…

i’ve tried ‘helpmeshavethembro’ but it doesn’t work either.
Do I have to fill in a specific username, is there a specific way to install Blade5?

Dont understand, i just try reinstalling
and it works for me, try big letters
Is your copy original or burnt??

Johan… I’ve solved the problem!
I filled in the pass in all three fields, when installing blade.
First I only filled in the pass in the field ‘serial’
(three fields: Name, Organisation & Serial)
Thnx anyway!

When you type the password for Blade, you only have to type it in the Name section, it’s the same installer that SOS used.

i’ve got the same problem.
when i fill in the pass in the username field, i get an error (serial no. incorrect)anyone has aa awnser??

did you forget to turn of your caps-lock?
did you use the right pass?
try to fill in the pass in all three fields… If you have Blade5 the pass is: ‘helpmeshavethembro’, otherwise look at:
I hope it will work…