Blade 3 & 4 special offer!



special offer blade 3 & 4 total dfl.125,00
including shipment cost world wide.
we have also all the twilight/crazybytes/tazmania/maxxx/fhwl and many more on stock mail us for prices and conditions


How much in U.S dollars is dfl.125,00.
I looked it up at this site
and dfl is not listed.
Also is the price for blade 3 & 4 total dfl.125,00 for each volume or is that for both volumes.



He dukie,

FL125,- is about $60 and the price is for both cd’s.Because the normal price for blade is $35.




Maybe it would be a good idea if you posted the prices on your web site in U.S. dollars as well as DFL. I looked at ordering from you last month but I couldn’t figure out how much you were charging. Excuse my ignorance but I still don’t know which country has the currency DFL. I’m not from the U.S., but it is a money value that most people understand and can quickly convert to their own money.


ok, i am sorry here are the price for our international custommers!
dfl(dutch gulden) 125,00
us$ 60
dm 125