Blackscreen and not sound - can't play a ratDVD

Hi :slight_smile:

For a shot time I can’t play encoded ratDVD files. It doesn’t matter which program I use. The screen is black and there is no sound.

Is that a new feature of version 0.78.1444? :wink:

I would be grateful for any workable solution - please help :frowning:


No idea? :confused:

its the same for me, i’Ve got no sound an no video to…
windows mediaplayer displays accurate information like video-name, author and so on, but the progressbar doesn’t move a inch… furthermore if i try to playback in media-player-classic the program simply states “can’t find DVD Directory”.
if i use the encoder from ratdvd and select the main-film at the bottom then it plays the film like it should… I’m using v0.78.1444.

plz someone, help me out :slight_smile:

mfg Benjamin

PS: maybe i should add, i use powerdvd 2.55 and direct x 9.c. OS: WinXP SP2


I had the same problem and discover there is incompatibility with ac3filter.
To make it run, go to ac3filter properties, sytem tab, and in “filter merit”, check “prefer other decoder”.

It should work

Where is ac3filter properties? In RatDVD? In WMP?

In the config panel

Again, In RatDVD? In WMP?

hi, ive had quite similar troubles with the ratdvd. 1stly when i tried playing a ratdvd file in wmp10(not yet installing ratdvd) the wmp10 only gives me audio, same when i tried playing it with VLC.

but when ive installed ratdvd it didnt played it at all. theres an error saying that “wmp cannot play the file because a codec required is not installed in your computer”.

so the problem is obvious - a codec. but which codec? dont have any ideas about codecs.

and another thing it says on the requirement that you have to have a DVD software player. im using Intervideo WINDVD. is that compatible with ratdvd? i dunno i guess the problem may lie on that coz everyone is using powerDVD and im the only one using Intervideo WINDVD. lol. its just a guess…

thanks for any help.

and just out of curiousity what is an “ac3filter”?
(sorry newbie question) lol. :slight_smile:

Again: Where is this ac3filter setting? Is it in RatDVD or Media Player or…?

It is inside WINDOWS Control Panel

The Control Panel, at least in my copy ofWindows XP, has NO SUCH item listed.
I’ve looked under “Sounds and Audio Devices” and a couple of other places.

I’m guessing that this is a codec not originally installed with Windows XP? If so, it might have been prudent to say, “If you have installed the AC3filter codec…”

So if the original poster has not installed it, then obviously that is not his (and my) problem, yes?

Anyway, little development and absolutely NO support, this software is DOA I suppose.

Oh well, it was a good idea anyway.

you are probably the only one in the world having the same problem as myself.

I followed the instructions above and solved it.

so, go to and download ac3filter

then on to control panel

double click on ac3filter

to the system tab

to the right of the screen check PREFER OTHER DECODER

press OK and you are good to go

as simple as that

hope it helps you as myself

I just followed your instructions: downloaded ac3filter & clicked on PREFER OTHER DECODER, I’m a newbie so pls bear w/ me. WMP still plays only the audio & ratdvd doesnt open/convert the files into dvd. [B]Invalid Archive footer[/B] appears.

YES !!! work perfect :bow:

Thanks :clap: