Blackout rectangle when playing back copy of "The Jacket"

Made a copy of the Jacket using CloneDVD and AnyDVD Put copy into my Sony DVP-NS325 and into my Landel DV-268 DVD players but it would not play normally. Ther is a blacked out rectangle in the middle of the screen that makes viewing impossible. The copy plays fine in my computer, however. Even stranger is that now all my other dvd’s are not playing anymore and I get the blacked out rectangle on all of them when played on my dvd players. What is going on? Could the copied dvd have changed the settings of my dvd players (e.g.: to a different region)? Thanks for any help.

CloneDVD/AnyDVD will not do anything to modify your dvd player(s).

Are your retail DVD’s playing ok in these players?

No. After I tried to play the copied “The jacket” on my dvd players, they both show the blackout rectangle, even with my other purchased dvd’s.
I meant that perhaps the copied dvd might have had some influence on the dvd players, not cloneDVD or anyDVD. Thanks for your help and interest.

Are you playing the DVD’s on the same tv? I would say your problem is not at all related to your playing a backed up DVD.

yes, same tv. and all my dvds are showing now the same problem. before they all played fine. only after i tried to play the copied dvd they starting behaving so. as i indicated before, the copied dvd plays ok on my computer dvd player.

The “problem” is not with the DVDs or the players. Check the Closed Caption options in your TV’s menu.

One kind of CC, rarely used but it’s in all the menues, creates a large black box and if there is no CC signal for that type, then you get a big black empty box in the middle of your screen.

(I used to sell TVs and frequently customers would play around with the settings and leave the CC black box on the screen and then walk away when they couldn’t reset it.)

Good Luck.

If that doesn’t work, I would try your DVD players on another TV. If you are trying this make sure you use different video cables as well.

Hope you get it sorted out!

yeees! the closed captions options was doing it! thanks a lot to all!!!

Ahhh, saw this too late. My son did the same thing and turned on CC on his tv. From then on the lower half of the screen always had a transparent black window when he played DVDs. Finally figured out CC was on!