Blackout in the head

Today I stopped at a green light. I stood there for half a minute or so until I realized it was green. There were no cars behind me so nobody honked on me either, it was just me and the green light telling me to move along and stop bothering it. I suppose stopping for green light is better than not stopping for a red one, but still…

Is this what happens to you when you eat too much moose? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that can well be a blackout. I guess it happens to everybody once in a while (it’s a pretty common thing, although some are more sensible to it than others). I’ve had such moments as well. When I was 12, I biked into a parked car (also a blackout). Nothing happened, but it surely sucked.

As long as it doesn’t occur frequently, I wouldn’t worry. If it does, it may be wise to pay your doc a visit.

30 minutes before that I managed to hit myself in the face, I lifted a heavy cardboard box with handles which broke sending my fist into my face. Its not my day… :stuck_out_tongue:

awww Air…i feel your pain …I have stopped at a STOP sign and was waiting on it to turn green…lmao and there were people honking at me…

Freaky day heh ? :smiley: … Lets hope you dont take the wrong house when you comming back from the store …

Airhead, perhaps you should throw yourself down the stairs and that will prevent future ‘blackouts’? :wink:

Another achievement for today, I managed to attract a cold! My throat is sore. What a day. Now I will go and throw myself not down stairs, but onto my bed.

Aw, Airhead, that’s awful news! Perhaps you should invest in a new Over The Counter (OTC) medicine to get rid of colds in 2 hours, aptly named “Cold Blackout.” Or of course you could invest in development of a new spray-on skin repellent called “Cold Away!” Of course, it would also be non-DEET… :wink: :wink:

Sorry but I just imagined what happend and it’s damn funny. :iagree:

I hope you didn’t knock out yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


That said, I remember a bus driver, which I’ve since dubbed “Sleepy Piablo” that managed to sleep through / miss three consecutive green lights.

When you say blackout, do you mean losing consciousness or do you mean something like a brainfart?

Who says you didn’t?

I didnt black out per se, I knew very well where I was and where all other cars and pedestrians and I remember what was on the radio, I dont know what a brainfart is but I guess I had one of those. I sat there and looked at the green light thinking “oh now I’ll be stuck here for ages” because that light is very very slow.

Also, I now have a black eye thanks to bloody cardboard.


Pics. :bigsmile:

It’s what happens when you wear underpants on your head.
The elastic cuts off the blood & hence the oxygen supply.

Oh & off topic … the second person in the modelatols secret society is Sexy_Southerner … Can we find no# 3???

Who is the 3rd member?

Been there, done that. You have my sympathy.

what ive done is something similar - stopped at red lights, then forgotten to go off as the lights changed. thing was, i then stalled once i realised, and the lights changed back to red as soon as i set off, so the people behind were left stranded at the lights!

brainfart is what i was thinking too…

a friend of mine got arrested for falling asleep at a traffic light (he was drunk so it was probably a good thing he got nabbed)…:eek: