Blacklists are Beaten!

I have this fantastic idea on how to defeat blacklisting.
I am no reverse engineer or C++ programer, otherwise i would have done this myself :bigsmile:

Ok, i was thinking that seeing as most .dll are blacklisted, instead of re-writing it, you could make it into a archive (.zip, .rar, .ace) and then re-write a portion of the exe to recognise the archive and use it. Of course, this would need a .zip, .rar, .ace decoder, which could be bought or wrote (or stolen:bigsmile: ) from the developers.

BTW, the stolen was a joke!

Developers, good luck and get cracking!

Blacklist is not always a dll or something like this. It can be even reg. key or some other thing. And to make your idea working you would have to spend many hours of studing code and only asm skilled user maybe would do it

it was a thought that had been bugging me for days, i had to share it with the forum.

it could work tho…

Well it maybe should work but the work to do it would take much longer than find out what is blacklisted and ‘fix’ it.

so am I ok making backup copies, im using the lastest ccd

its verry simple to make an program that can not be blacklisted…

1 don’t use the register to store information
2 don’t install any driver/config file to the windows folder
3 don’t add youre program to add/remove software list.


Funny to see how an impossible task can look easy to clueless people.

Why not write your own CD emulator and never distribute it? :smiley:
That way they’ll never know it exists so it can’t be blacklisted :stuck_out_tongue:



hey that could actuly work lol