Blacklisted SCSI port 0 and 1 (Actual DVD drives)..How to remove or bypass it?

Hello first time newb here.

Recently I installed Alcohol 120% (newest version) but uninstalled it later since it seems to cause of minor problems. I also removed the items in reg file and device manager completely.

Now here’s the issue: when I trying to run certain games (W40kWA and ROme Total War) the games will not run. When I double clicked the shortcuts, nothing happened. (No BSOD, just nothing)… :eek: :eek:

I think it’s because of the fact that the copy protection software blacklisted my scsi port 0 and scsi port 1, which is the actual DVD and DVD-RW drives rather than virtual ones??

Is there any way to solve this problem???

thanks in advance

Are the virtual drives still present on your system?

No…I think I set the Virtual Drive num to 0 before uninstalling Alcohol

Did you drive letters shift around at all? Normally if it is a blacklisting issue you will get the “Conflict with disc emulator” message rather than nothing happening at all.