Blacklist for dvd shrink

Hi all
I’ve been useing dvd x copy xpress. I am learning how to use and apreciating some of the benefits of dvd shrink. I was wondering if it is recomended that I follow the blacklist precautionary steps that 321 studios recomends such as the steps under msconfig and shuting down any anti-virus and firewall software. Thanks in advance any input will be apreciated. :bigsmile:

I’ve been using DVD Shrink for about a year now (Windows XP Pro) and have never had to disable anything. In fact I have several programs running in the background most of the time.

I too once used XCopy for making my backups, none of those backups still work. Shrink on the other hand gives me far more control and much better results.

Thankyou for the info. So far the only thing I don’t like about shrink is that it takes about twice as long as dvd x copy xpress to compress, and that doesn’t include time to rip and burn.

Your firewall should never be off if you are connected to the Internet. No software should require both.

If it requires you to turn off your firewall, then disconnect from the Internet first.