Blackhawk down

hi i,ve being trying to make a backup of blackhawk down i know it’s got the new securom new protection on it so i have tried useing bwa builder,but cant seem to get a good graph so i tried to make a mds file useing alcohol 120%.when i try to load it into bwa it says it not a valid mds file has anyone got a mds file for this game or could someone please help WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???:confused: THANKS

What burner are you trying to use and what version of Blindwrite are you using?

Iam using blindwrite and a phillips cdd4801 cd writer

i was reading a tread on this site whitch said you could download and use a mds file then load it on bwa then convert it to bwa, then use twinpeaks to create a patched ccd file the use clone cd to burn is this true??? if so does anyone have a mds file for bhd please please :bow:

Why not make your own? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am feeling generous. :slight_smile:

i would try and make my own but as i said when i try and make one, then try and load it into the bwa it says its an invalid mds file ive tried different dpm speeds but it keeps saying it cant get dpm settings from cd or device???

thanks bulk;) can i use this bwa file to make a backup? useing twinpeaks make a patched ccd file then burn useing clone protected game settings yeh??? thanks for all your help guys :bow:

Can any of you tell me exactly how to do this, i’m a noob, so i’m getting used to all of this stuff

If it Helps, i have a CRW-5224A

My burn program is Clone Cd, and Alcohol

@clonecd123 - everything is here on these forums, bro - check out the “READ FIRST” threads or just do a simple SEARCH. :wink: