Blackbolt Classic Skin 2.0 for XBMC Released

Saturday 28th October 2006
Blackbolt Classic Skin 2.0 for XBMC Released

This skin was originally made by Blackbolt for version 1.0 of XBMC and Has been completely redone by me (Jezz_X) to make it compatible with version 2.0 of the XBMC skin engine. Included are the 2 other color themes that were originally shipped as separate skins they are MOONLIGHT (Blue) and FARENHEIT (Red), the default theme CLASSIC is GREEN. After Project Mayhem 1 became the Default Xbox Media Skin, Classic was the first skin created which wasnt just an edit, it was a skin created from scratch, with a whole new OSD, and new homescreen functionality. Blackbolt was originally just an Evolution-X skin artist and this was his first attempt at skinning with XBMC, with help from the legendary ‘Chokemaniac’ (Project Mayhem Creator), he was able to complete the skin in the summer of 2004.


Available here: