BlackBerry owners willing to defect to iPhone



I just posted the article BlackBerry owners willing to defect to iPhone.

Crowd Science research claims a growing number of Research In Motion BlackBerry owners are the most likely to abandon RIM in favor of the popular Apple iPhone.

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Funny - I spoke to an old classmate of mine the other night, who’s a physics teacher at a high school here in Amsterdam. He told me his students (age 13-15) recently all swapped their iPhone for a Blackberry - Blackberry is hot; iPhone is not.

But then again, these are just (Dutch) school kids…


As far as I am aware there are more people opting for BB than iPhone in the UK.


Obviously this will vary by region and/or country. In the US, I think Android is a much more popular phone platform to choose for a new smartphone at the moment.


the iphone is a toy, the Blackberry is a business tool.:iagree: