Black/white sections in output video - DVD to iPod Converter for Mac

I’ve been spending the last few days testing a whole bunch of conversion software to convert a movie I recorded using a Philips 3380 DVD Recorder. Most free or trial products (of which the full version is apparently exactly the same minus watermarks) either don’t recognise the files on the DVD, or don’t convert very well.

After testing a trial version of ImTOO (and other ones which look exactly the same), I’ve discovered they not only successfully convert a home recorded DVD, but do it in very high quality and aren’t pixelated.

I’m tempted to buy the full version, but want to see if there’s any solution to one problem I do have with the output video.

Anywhere where there is blackest black (shades of black aren’t a problem, only where it’s blackest black, such as computer generated images, black strips around the picture, and sometimes outlines of objects/people) I get lots of flecks/streaks of white grains. Is there any way of fixing this so that anywhere which is blackest black doesn’t have flecks of white spots/lines shimmering through it? It also works the other way round, where white sections have black grains streaking through it. The original does not have these flecks.

If it was only a problem with the strips around the outside of the picture, I could easily just crop them out, but since it’s affecting parts of the actual picture also, I would really like to get this solved.

I’m happy to send the output video it created, if it would be easier to understand.