Black Spots On DVD After Burning Them



Dear community,

Please correct any mistakes that I have made with this post. I would like to hear your experience or advice on the following questions. It is related to minkyboodle’s original post on black spots appearing after buring Teon Branded MCC003 with Benq OEM 1620. I have also noticed this problem as well with a different burner (NEC ND-2500A OEM FM 1.06: Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator FM and medias ([3]TDK 25 DVD+R 1-4x RICOHJPN-R01-002 & [1]Verbatim 25 DVD-R 1-4x MCC-01RG20; they were purchased at Best Buy). After burning all of the discs at 6x, I sees these spot (about 0.5mm diameter in size) on a consistant bases (about 1/3: I’ll have to check individual discs for more discrete numbers) but with more spots appearing on the TDK than Verbatim. For example, I might see one or two spots with Verbatim and one or multiple spots with TDk. The only test that I have ran so far is with DvdInfo’s CRC read error test, which gave me no errors. I have read, in the linked post above, that this problem is a media issue. Hence, my selfish request would be to ask if you could post some of your information on how often you got these black spots. Please submit your results in the following format:
1.) Burner with firmware number
2.) Burning program with firmware number

  • Please omit 1 and 2 if you feel they are unnecessary
    3.) DVD Brand and Media code
    4.) Number of discs that appeared with spots/ number of discs in pack
    5.) Average number of spots that appeared per disc
    My example would be:
    1.) NEC ND-2500A OEM 1.06
    2.) Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator FM
    3.) Verbatim MCC-01RG20
    4.) 7/25
    5.) 1.8
    I would like to know how often or common this problem occurs and if I should start using TY only or buy a new burner so that I can do PI/PO scans. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this long message.


personally i have not had this issue with my teon mcc003. however, you are not alone. others have reported the same thing on properly functioning drives (mine is not functioning properly). i would reccomend trying different media. be carefull with ty+. if you get one of the bad batches your benq will freak on it. mabey try some maxell mij or some verbatim made in singapore…