Black screen




I’m having a huge probelm with a sumvision SV-1001. Basically, when I got it, I couldn’t hear any dialogue on DVD’s, only music (I have since discovered the solution to this problem!) and whilst trying to fix this in the menus, I have somehow managed to turn the screen black. I have no way of explaining this any better and several people have tried to fix it without success. I have tried everything obvious like turning it off, switching cables etc but no luck. I jsut don’t get any image or menu whatsoever. Does anyone know how to restore factory setting or reset the DVD palyer preferably without being able to see anything?

I know this is a bizarre query but any help would be greatly appreciated



1] Using the remote press the SET UP button

2] Press ENTER once

3] Press the DOWN arrow 4 times

4] Press ENTER again

The recorder should then be restored to factory default settings


thank you sen2ray you have saved me a few quid thanks m8ty