Black Printable CD's and silver

anyone know if the cd in this link is any good (quality wise)

and if there are printable cd’s with silver bottom.

also, anyone found color protection spray available worldwide on the web?

have you really noticed a difference in picture quality between different brands whilst printing?

Good questions, can You sort them out and come back with some answers?
Iám curious too.

Looks like the old “black” CDR’s that Memorex and a few others used to sell. Not especially high-quality burns with it, and players don’t all like it either. Pretty cool looking though. :cool:

CMC Magnetics made a “black” disc a few years back, my PSX loved it. Nothing else did :S

if i manage i’ll post how i managed :slight_smile:

not good to hear that its not a compatible media :frowning: as alot of people ask for those kind of discs :frowning:

As far as using ink protection sprays personally I would advise against it - Some people have done it and fine for them - if you have the proper setup and apply it properly I guess you could try one of those krylon acrylic sprays - problem is if you don’t spray it properly it will drip - also after spraying you will notice a grainy look.

I guess the best way to protect your disc is to use a laminator from Primera, if you are willing to spend over $3500 for it - OR a less expensive alternative, the EPSON R800 series with durabright/high gloss ink…

OR… Just don’t touch the discs with wet hands :smiley:

i was seeing some spray though, called color protection spray or somethin, though dunno if that really does the trick to be honest, any1 got any experiences with it?