Black Pioneer 111D $31.82 Shipped

@ newegg. Link.

I already have about 7 other burners at the moment and use my Benq 1640 for about 85% of my burns, I’m tempted but I’ll probably wait and get a drive supporting 12x DVD-RAM if the media ever shows up. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice deal though

You too! :clap: I use my LiteOn 160P for everything but i’d really like to have me one of there Pioneer burners. The night’s still young yet. :bigsmile: Thanks for posting this. :cool:

Got me one of those, returned my 18x samsung after giving me such great burns :Z :Z :Z :Z

Yeah I have a 160P6S as well, good burner although my 1640 beats it.

Only 7 burners? C’mon I’ll bet you could use another one. The Pioneer burns
DL discs better than most other drives and the Disc T@2 is kinda neat if you crossflash it over to a 111L. If I didn’t have 2 already I would buy another one.
I’ll bet if you bought this burner you wouldn’t use your 1640 so much and it will last you longer.
Just kidding around, Budzos

dude, 7 burners??? hmm, let me see: i have 2 x BenQ 1640, 1 x BenQ 1650, 1 x Pioneer 111D @ L, 1 x Pioneer 105, 1 x LiteOn 165H6S, 1 x Nec 3520, 1 x Nec 2500 @ 2100 => hey, i’ve got 8 burners! :bigsmile:

anyone else wants to show off??? lol. going once, going twice…


ps: but thanks for the tip ;).

Well I have:

Two Benq DW-1620
Two Mad Dog/NEC ND-4550
Two Benq DW-1655
One Benq DW-1640
One LG GSA-4163
One LG GSA-4166
One Liteon 165H6S
One Sony DRU-820/Benq DW-1670
One Samsung SH-S182D

Burners are worse than drugs!