Black pepper worked

I never thought my son would ever know something that I did not know, since I thought I knew everything. Well my wife’s dodge caravan got a leak in the radiator and the local auto zone and other auto parts stores wanted 189 dollars for a new one. I purchased one on EBay for 70 dollars free shipping no tax. I even had the person at the local auto parts store tell me that yes it the same one they get from China and sell for 189 dollars but the online stores sell them for less. The only problem was It would Be Friday before it gets here. My son said take and put black pepper in the radiator it would stop the leak until I get the new radiator. After I Google it and found that people said it would work. I put one tablespoon in it and drove it down the road and if it was leaking it was small after adding the one tablespoon so I added one more filled it with water and the leak was gone. People online say it works as good as stop leak you buy. My wife drove it to work and back and not one drop of water leaked. Now if it holds till Friday all will be well except my son can now say he knew something I did not know.

Cool I’ll have to remember that thanks samlar.

Some on line said it would even stop a water pump or head from leaking. I might just put a can of pepper in all my cars or the next time I am in a burger place get a lot of those little packages and place in in the cars.

It is only a temporary fix I believe.

[QUOTE=bean55;2705891]It is only a temporary fix I believe.[/QUOTE]

Same applies for a raw egg…:bigsmile:
Mythbusters did it with yolk included ,but we prefer only the white…:bigsmile:

[QUOTE=bean55;2705891]It is only a temporary fix I believe.[/QUOTE]

all I need is a few days

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I would never thought it can be an interim solution to that problem.

Got new radiator yesterday and installed the old one was still not leaking pepper seems to work

[QUOTE=samlar;2706687]Got new radiator yesterday and installed the old one was still not leaking pepper seems to work[/QUOTE]

Yeah presumably it fills any small holes like most other temporary fixes.

Pepper could well be a good one though as it might expand after it’s lodged in the hole.

On that basis I’d guess that very finely ground stuff wouldn’t work quite as well.

I doubt that any chefs could advise further on this though! :bigsmile: