Black or Silver case with beige drives?

I’m thinking about getting this case in black:
or in silver:

I wonder if either one of these would look good if they were full of beige drives. Does anyone have a pic of something similar?

I’ve found some posts in here about repainting the drive covers. Seems like work I’d rather avoid.

Regarding the black universal covers:
Do they mechanically “pop open”, like the push ‘n’ click panel on the side of my grandma’s TV? Or do they open electrically when you hit the button like a BENQ?

Thanks for any help

i think pink would look best…but thatz just me :slight_smile:

I have a Lian Li PC-6070, and here is what it looks like when filled with beige drives: (photo)

The ‘shade’ of silver should be standard Lian Li.

Make your own judgements.

with my machines, rig 1 is silver with beige drives/etc and rig 2 is black with 1 black drive. i think the all black approach looks nicer but to each his/her own.

here’s a pic of my 2 rigs from a little while ago (while i was building #2)…as you can see rig 2 doesn’t yet have the PX716a (w/black faceplate)…but it looks virtually the same even w/the drive installed.
HTH. oh yeah, and you can always buy custom colored faceplates for virtually any/all opti drives.

Exactly what I wanted to see-thanks Jucius, drpino.

drpino: I’m curious about the generic black enclosure you have on the top of the black tower. When you hit the button does it flip open like Fred Flintstone’s garage door, or is the black thing (bezel?) actually attached to the front of the DVD-writer drawer and slides out like a playstation2 tray?

Found a pic of a black case with beige drives:

Does anyone have a pic of a black case with all black drives?

Oh duh, here’s lots of case pics from “Show us your computer workplace” thread: