Black Ops pirates urged to go legal

Black Ops pirates urged to go legal.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Activision plans to battle video game piracy by recruiting private investigators that will be tasked with tracking down illegal sources of Call of Duty Black Ops. The highly-anticipated CoD video game title is scheduled for release on Nov. 9, but is now being shared and sold online.

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I praise them for not pursuing legal actions. I believe that those caught with illegal copies of the game should be informed of how torrent trackers work, and the possible lawsuits that can follow. This would put a scare into people, and they’d probably learn their lessons.

Why is it on Xbox live? If it hasn’t been released then why is it able to be played online? Since they are saying Xbox live, I might look into somone at MS. Can’t play it since I don’t own a Xbox, now if the author had said games for windows live, then I would have assumed it was a PC version. I applaud Activision for taking the high road in this case. Glad to see someone not so quick to be sue happy. Now, maybe if they want to fight piracy, go old school. Make a DEMO for the game. I am not going to shit 50 bucks for a game I might not like. I’m not saying downloading games is ethical, but is it ethical to charge that much for a piece of crap as many games tend to be?