Black Mirror With LaserLock (Strange)

I have over 30 original games, mostly new, and every one either has Safedisc 2/3 or Secure Rom 4/5. This is the first time i encountered a game with ‘Laser-Lock’ protection. I have tried Alcohol, but at end of Image Makin it gets stuck, maybe due 2 the protection, the CD drive Laser-Locks?

I also tried Blindwrite 5, with same pause at end of image. In Alcohol the Advanced Scannin was set at default 100.

Is it backable?

Sam 8)

Yes it is backupable. The “stalling” you are see happened to me as well. I simply let it run it’s course and in the end it finished reading the image. The same thing will happen when you burn it. It did with me at least.

Yep, you can back this one up. However, although both alcohol and blindwrite can do it, CloneCD is still better than either alcohol or blindwrite with laserlock protected games (just use the default Game CD profile).

It was 1 hour and still at 98%, i know it may complete but it may take a while, but most importantly the image may be corrupt and definetly will not work if when it writes does the same thing.

What program can i use 2 stop this, cuz if it completes at 30 mins as most images do at 4X it will be ok.

Thanks 4 info.

Sam 8)

Hmmm. Possibly it may be protected with LaserLock Marathon, which if I remember locks the drive when reading.

Oic, thanks.

So is it possible 2 copy it?

Sam 8)

The majority of PC games are protected with Safedisc 2/3 and Secure Rom 4/5. First time i encountered a game with Laser-lock protection.

I searched the forum and found a post claimin it is uncopyable:

I guess only can work by removin the protection. But i wann copy it as it is.

Please advise. I am tryin Clone Cd 4 now after Alcohol and Blindwrite 5 lagged after an hour at 98%.

Sam 8)

Thats only the new laserlock, we can still copy older laserlock. Also, updates to CloneCD, Alc, & BW will probably overcome this.

BTW, Tages has been defeated.

Are you sure that it’s laserlock? “Stopping” at 98% is typical of Ring Protech (ProRing) rather than laserlock where the consecutive read errors are at the beginning of the disc.

If using alcohol try using Ring Protech datatype settings (though again you’ll likely have better luck using CloneCD with the custom Ring Protech profile that you can download from the profiles sticky on the CloneCD forum).


How do you mean Tages has been defeated, were not talking about tages here.

In a small refernce prior to merging this thread, Trace linked here and to avoid any misconception on that threads reading, I took liberty to alleviate any possible confusion by adding extra information regarding Tages.

Hope that helps some.

Yeh, Ring Protech’s outer ring causes similar problems. If I recall CDRInfo made a topic about this.

How do you know it’s LaserLock?
Did you scan the CD with a protection scanner?

I suggest A-Ray Scanner. :wink:

Of course i scanned it with protection scanner, i’m not a n00b, lol.

Scanned it with Array Scanner V2000 and was detected with Laserlock signs. Then i sacnned it with best ‘Protection ID Scanner’ with no protection or cd-check.

But u may be right as it was not propely confirmed as ‘laserlock’, but detected with signs of it, it may be something else, like Ring Protech’s as suggested, so thanks all and philamber , i will try dat.

Sam 8)

By the way if u like Broken Sword 1, u will love this, the point and click lives on!

Ring Protech Should be a visible sign on the disc. There should be 1 ring near the outer bit of the CD.

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

(Please note : Working with Womble at LaserLock I learned that sometimes computers can freeze while reading this protection.)

If A-Ray found Laserlock signs it is definitely Laserlock.
Unless RingProtech started putting Laserlock files on their CD’s :wink:


Damn so its uncopyable if its laserlock then. But I’ll give RingProtech setting a whirl, never know.

Sam 8)

Yeah, unfortunately I don’t know anything at all about this newer Laserlock. Try any settings you can though :wink:
You never know you might get a working copy.


Here is the CDR-Info article $CyBeRwIz$ posted for Laserlock MARATHON protection, it’s very interresting. I also read it should take some days for dumping the Image, so good luck Trace :). Maybe you got enough time to test this :p.