Black lines on paper when printing

My Epson C62 printer has recently started to put black lines across the paper when printing, its about 15mnths old.
A freind said he thinks it might be the heads are blocked because i use cheap inks that have clogged my heads up and the printer is capput.
If this is the case then its not a big problem as the money i saved buying cheap inks has saved a fortune but if there is a cleaning kit that could clean the heads better than the epson software?

i have tried changeing the cartridges and cleaning the heads and checking head alinment.

try this , print 2 ou 3 pages in high quality and see what happends.
i have a c70 and this happends time to time and the trick results.

Thanks cerberus, i printed 1 A4 on photo paper and 30% of the pic had thin black lines across and the second 1 was fine no black lines.

won`t i be mister smug when i see my freind tonight :iagree: :iagree:

hello,i have the canon ip 4300 with a new head and a continuios ink system ,few days ago after so many prints i noticed some vertical black lines on one side (right) on the cd/dvd print

i did all the cleaning process there is,but still the same,it’s not so much but as now i knew about it,it is annoying to me,what should i do?

any help?should i do as ako did?


The Canon has two levels of cleaning…normal and deep or intensive (mines in German so I don´t know what it says in English exactly)
Use the more intensive process…twice if necessary.

Some of the cheaper brands of replacement ink can cause problems, so if the problem persists or comes back soon, then get original Canon inks and clean and test again.

thanks m8,at the moment i’m runing out of ink,soon i’ll fill them up and try some hard tests

Good idea to try genuine Canon carts during the troubleshooting session. It could be the CIS causing this.

Also be sure to do the “Bottom Plate Cleaning” regimen from your Canon driver “Maintenance” section.

from where i bought the ink told me that it’s from the printhead fault,it’s only black lines,colour is 100% ok,i did all the cleaning process even the bottom plate cleaning,the paper got out white as snow

[QUOTE=shankly769;2125147]from where i bought the ink told me that it’s from the printhead fault[/QUOTE]
That statement would be cause for suspicion. Who’s to say that it wasn’t inferior ink that caused the printhead fault ?
What brand of ink ?

You could try this!
Remove the cartridges from the head and then remove the head where you will be able to inspect it. Thoroughly clean the bottom of the head and inspect the “parking sponge” for excess ink. Blot the sponge with kitchen roll to remove the excess ink. Take a torch or powerful light and inspect the bottom of the paper feed where the head runs backwards and forwards, sometimes when using non standard paper etc the head overshoots and deposits ink which accumulates and leaves streaks on the paper mostly on the back.
Clean this area with a damp cloth and the rollers with some alcohol.
Reassemble and charge the head with ink, run a couple of bottom plate cleaner papers and examine for streaks.

I should add that you look at the top of the head to ensure that the cis tanks are seating correctly and not leaking ink on top of the head which is then finding it’s way on to your print outs. Carefully clean any excess ink found.

thanks to you all,but at the moment i cant do any cleaning,because i have to find some free time alone,but why the lines will come only on the dvd/cd label print?i had to print some text and it was ok,but on cd/dvd there’s black lines,not so much but that will annoy you

Perhaps the rollers for the cd tray have become contaminated.
Use a strong light or torch to investigate and clean if required.

hi,as i have the problem when printing dvd labels,someone told me that i might have the head too close to the media,so it needs some alignment,do some one knows how?

[QUOTE=shankly769;2136989]hi,as i have the problem when printing dvd labels,someone told me that i might have the head too close to the media,so it needs some alignment,do some one knows how?[/QUOTE]

any help on this?

Could you post an image of what these black lines look like ?

hi hope they are clear enough

Good images.
It looks to me like a soiled bottom plate.

Here’s what I would do if it were mine…

  1. Find an old dinner plate or similar
  2. Fold a paper towel into quarters and place it on the plate.
  3. Thoroughly moisten the paper towel but don’t create a puddle. Distilled water is best, tap is OK if no distilled on hand.
  4. Open the printer as if to service a cartridge. When the carriage moves to center and stops, unplug the printer.
  5. Remove the printhead/cartridge assembly…leave the carts in place.
  6. Do not touch any of the electrical contacts, do not wet the electrical contacts.
  7. Inspect the bottom of the printhead, I’m thinking that you will see some black ink (paper fibers) that is fouling the black nozzle area ?
  8. Now, take the printhead assembly and [B]gently[/B] blot it on the waiting paper towel sort of like a rubber stamp, [B]but go lightly[/B]. Don’t rub.
    The black nozzle area will probably put down a large undefined black mark at first.
    After several blottings you should start seeing a “regular” pattern of all your colors.
    When you are satisfied that the bottom of the head is clean, replace it.
  9. Print a test pattern, if necessary perform a standard nozzle cleaning.
  10. If everything seems OK, perform a printhead alignment and then go printing.

The large black tank in your printer is supposed to have pigment-based black ink in it. It is used for text-only printing to provide sharp, durable text.
All your other tanks are dye-based inks.
Some of the aftermarket ink companies have trouble duplicating the Canon black pigment ink which can cause various degrees of trouble for the printhead.
Keep an eye on it.

Also clean the printhead wipers with Q-Tips moistened with Windex. One is left and one is right near the Park Pad. You also may want to clean the park pad by carefully syringing some Windex onto it. [B]Do these steps before powering up the printer and the carriage is still at center.[/B]


thanks for your help,i think i better talk about this with a special tech,i’ll keep you informed.

thanks for now


can be done a cd print compartment cleaning?