Black Ice Defender firewall program



Does anybody know where I can download “Black Ice Defender”.

It’s a very good firewall program, but I can’t find a place to download this program.

So if somebody knows the place than please let me know!



you can find it overhere:

and also lots more. enjoy it.

C ya

Why do birds suddenly appear??


don’t download black ice defender

download lockdown 2000 mucccccccchhhhhhh better. It will do much more than black ice


Thanks ‘Ruff-Next_Gangsta’ for the URL, I will try black ice defender first (they told me that this program has a great firewall).

I would like to try lockdown 2000 also if ‘drcrash’ can tell me where I can download this program.


I think that At Guard (Firewall) is the best.
You can download the full version at




Any body that thinks Lockdown is any good is a bloody idiot!
Check out the following link -
Although this report is on an earlier version the author assures me that the creators of this useless program have not changed it at all.


Totally agree BID is the way to go, easiest firewall going, and nobody’s gotten into my system yet. I have the latest version, for those of you who want it.
Agree, Lockdown sucked. I had the second to most recent version, cracked, and in one day, they had scanned my system, detected the illegal version, and opened my browser to their fraud page!! Funny, a firewall proggy scanning my system…


I am also interested in getting a full working version of black ice defender, but when i tried the link provided by ruff next gangster it said the content i tried to get is now unavaliable. i guess someone took the site down. the other link from redcat had similar results. are there any other sites that are currently up and running where i might get this prog?



Believe me it happend before, it will come back check tha site regurly.

Boths sides are providing you the same programs only fosi [de meester] gives you also atgu@rd it is a complexer firewalll not as easlly set as blick ice

althow [correct word or what??] if you wish to have blck ice or atguard you can mail me.
be sure you have a provider mail cause the files are over the 2 mb!

I always help…im not bad