Black Hawk Down

I’ve done a backup of my Black Hawk Down using the Twin Peaks method. All seemed OK but when I tried to play it greyed out single and multiplayer. Has anyone had any luck with this one??

Well, Alcohol 120% doesn’t supports the TwinPeak method, but it uses RMPS emulation, which is very reliable.
Please follow this RMPS guide

Where did you get the BWA file from? I downloaded one off the net and got the same results you described. so I used philamber’s guidee and made my own file with blindwrite then patched it with twinpeaks. (made the image file with alcohol setting it to make a CCD image) then burned it with alcohol and it works fine.

personally i think that alcohol produces better time readings (MDS files) as blindread (BWA files).
i make one image in the mdf + MDS format and one in CCD format.
convert the .MDS to .BWA and then twinpeak the CCD image.
burn the patched CCD image again with alcohol.
this method never let me down yet, and works the first time
with the BWA builder is was a hit or mis, never sure it would work first time. sometimes needed to remake the BWA file for 4 times before it worked