Black Hawk Down BWA?

Can someone please send me or get me a Delta Force Black Hawk down BWA file…

(i have hade one before but still havn’t figured out how 2 burn the darn thing)
:bigsmile: Thanks for the help

follow this link to get the .bwa file…

to use it … just name the .bwa file as the same as the .bwi file and then burn… if you dont have a Plextor Premium drive then you will use the Twinpeak burn method…have any other questions feel free to post …ill be here to help

So i just make a normal CloneCd image right…(no special things in clonecd):confused:

BTW thanks for the sight

do you have Blindwrite…i do suggest using that program instead…
a simple GUI to use…just read then write

BlindRead******** select source cd
adapt speed 1-24x
eject cd

BlindWrite*******uncheck everything in the configuration except “eject cd”
DAO PW 24x
.bwa filename as .bwi

then bang boom you got a working backup of BHD…

ps…what type of burner do you have??

I don’t know what kind of burner i =have=…been trying 2 figure that out…

(if i can burn safedisk 2 games can i make backup of BHD?):stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

Using Teac CD-W540E

Still having problems with copying BHD, will appreciate any help. Once I was able to make a copy working fine - but after OS reinstallation it stopped working and now I can’t play using it. I’m unable to make the copy again - and got no idea why, and unfortuantelly can’t remember what method I used.

Asking for assistance step by step (tried twice to copy it using Blindwrite according to description I found upper - no luck. Any software will be fine. Thank you in advance, best regards - DI.

Ok… i got the newest blindwrite program… but when it tries to read the disk to make a backup its showing the size is only 53mbs … somethin isnt right. I also have this .bwa file but im lost as how to impliment it. Maybe i need to read more… i must be missing some steps… yes im a newb.

use the tweaker to ‘inject’ the .bwa file…under the topology tab will have a ‘browse’ button to find your .bwa file…then run blindwrite from the mainmenu of the tweaker and burn you will be on your way to a great backup