Black & gold?



Firstly I’m new to the forum so hello to everyone.
I’ve tried to read all the relevant threads to my questions before posting this, so I don’t make a complete prat of myself.

My questions:

What are the best black and gold bottom’d cdr’s out at the moment? This is purely for cosmetic reasons, but I would like good disks of either of those dyes.

Secondly, I know that there are good and bad manufacturers of all of the different dyes, but how can I guarantee myself some good disks? I don’t wanna buy tdk’s hoping that they’re made by TY when they turn out not not to be when I get them home, same goes for any other branded company. TY is the only manufacturer that I haven’t heard a bad word about, so should I just go for the factory TY disks, not rebranded by other people?

Thirdly, and a massive long shot, but I’ll ask anyway - does anyone know if there is a supplier in england that has any kodak ultima gold’s left?

Hope these questions aren’t too annoying and haven’t been asked directly in this format 200 times before.

Tia for your thoughts.


I’m in england, so if anyone has any supplier links, any chance they could be english ones :wink: grin


Welcome to the forum, mors.
You may wish to browse this forum, and the bargains forum, there are several threads about media outlets in the UK. and don’t forget the search function.
Many people go with Plextor media in europe, it seems to always be TY.


Thanks for the info, I’ll keep an eye out for the plextor disks. I haven’t seen any before but I guess they’d go nice with my plextor drive lol



Only one reply, but never mind :wink: I’ve found a kodak ultima supplier in the uk and I’ve got some black bottom prodisc and Traxdata 80 min sample packs winging their way to me :slight_smile:
Looks like I’ll find out how good they are now :slight_smile: