Black Front Panel in Germany?




I´m searching for a black front for my DW1620 here in germany. Because Benq sells only the beige version of this superb burner I want to know if anyone has the black front or knows how to get it (not the oem-black !).

I emailed Benq and they answered that it will need 3-4 weeks to get the black frontpanel (retail-version). It will cost 10 Euro plus 7 Euro for shipping.

I think I will order it at Benq if I won´t find it for less money.

Does anyone know a place to get this black panel for less money?
Or is there anybody who would exchange the beige with the black front?


Maybe you should ask in the German Part of this Forum :iagree: Could be possible that you receive a answer much more faster :smiley:

Poste dort und gut :smiley:


Try posting over here: