Black Friday

Get you Credit Cards ready!

last year was kinda a joke.lots of thing on but nothing spectalicar.hope this year bring more & better items.i see lots of burner going on sale,would be nice for a hd or several. processers if possible!! somthing to drag me out of the house & away from this machine. i spend wayyyy to much time in this chair infront of this machine reading the bargin basement!!haa,haa

I think one big thing that will pull people into the stores will be the larger LCD’s on sale, it is getting to be heated market now, and I can see some good price cuts by the big chains to pull people in their stores. It gets more peoples’ attention to have a 42" LCD at 50-75% off on the front page of the circular.

Anyone know the real reason it’s called, “Black Friday?”


Traditionally, that is the day most retailers start earning money for the year. Hence, they go into the “black” that day. Up until Black Friday, they are in the “red.” The rest of the year is all gravy.

Sears ads are posted for BF:
Sears ads at BFads

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when are you gonna get me a good shopping list for black friday…
i’m kinda in the market for a lappie…and wanna see whos got the best buy…:wink:

Unfortunately I don’t have any inside sources for ads (other than the newspaper) and in the past they haven’t put out ads early for black friday. I’ll keep an eye out for any good deals though as I have been looking around to see what has been leeked so far this year (not much yet but I’m guessing they will all eventually get leeked).
Personally I skipped last black Friday because I wasn’t in the market for any big ticket items. With the little stuff, by the time you wait in line for one thing, everything is gone at all the other stores. Well have to see what happens this year. I might have to try buying in advance and price matching again. I did on a hard drive last year, and while they refused to price match, a quick call to corporate got that changed (because it was not in their stated price match policy).

Actually Black Friday is busiest day for sale(buying gifts…) and after Christmas is busiest day for returns/exchanges-not much of selling/buying though (in my major retail experience, I am positive on this) :iagree:

They are TY :iagree: I am 100% positive in Los Angeles area.
I visited several of them to look for MIJ DVD±Rs few weeks ago and found all the Fuji 50pk CD-R(yellow/gold shrink wrapped) are MIJ and I bought some spindles and confirmed it is TY. No luck on MIJ DVD±Rs. :disagree:
But beware, same packaged 30pk are MIT though :smiley:

I own a retail business and have industry wide data on this at work (I’m at home now). December 26th I believe is the 3rd busiest Christmas shopping day if I recall correctly. I KNOW it’s at least in the top 5. Of course this is across the board and actual sales can vary from business to business depending on what they sell.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is historically one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. Many consider it the “official” beginning to the holiday season. Most retailers will open very early and usually provide massive discounts on their products.

Although Black Friday is typically the busiest shopping day of the year in terms of customer traffic, it is not typically the day with the highest sales volume. That is usually either Christmas Eve, the last Saturday before Christmas, or Boxing Day (the day after Christmas)

Office Max ad. Several items look real interesting. 20" monitor, external dvd writer, san disk 1 gig thumb drive.

OD had one of the best Black Friday sales last year I was able to buy Microsoft Top Nutch Wireless Key Board and Mouse model 1000 for only $20 with no rebate.

So far, I’m not seeing much FAR stuff… Some decent deals, but nothing great so far… Last year, I did much better a few days after black friday…

From a Fatwallet thread:
Some best Buy deals:
I have the actual ad that i printed with one of my manager’s log in. I’ll post the ad up tomorrow but it’s in black and white prices only show.

DOORBUSTERS (5am - 12pm)
$2.99 DVD’s (Hitch, Bad Boys 2, 50 first dates, a couple others)
42" Westinghouse LCD HDTV Reg. $1499.99 ($999.99) SAVE $500 Instantly
Toshiba 50" Plasma TV Reg. $2999.99 ($1699.99) SAVE $1300 Instantly
Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV Reg. $849.99 ($479.99) SAVE $370 Instantly
Insignia 8" Portable DVD Player Reg. $139.99 ($69.99) SAVE $70
E Machines Computer Package(Celeron w/ 512MB RAM) w/ 15" LCD Monitor Reg. $574.99 ($189.97) SAVE $385 Instantly
SanDisk 1GB Mp3 player Reg. $69.99 ($34.99) SAVE $35
HP Core Solo Notebook 15.4", 1024 MB Ram, 80GB Hard Drive, DVD and CD BURNERS Reg. $749.99 ($379.99) SAVE $370 Instantly

FW thread

From Reseller Ratings deals:
We will be posting sales information for various popular retailers as it becomes available. Oftentimes these sale item details are obtained via leaked information. While the information is believed to be accurate, we can not guarantee all deals listed will be available or priced accordingly.

First up this year is Ace Hardware, which usually has a decent selection of interesting Black Friday deals.

3-Pack Shimmering Driveway Markers - $Free AR
30” Laser Level - $4.99 AR
88-Piece Tool Set with Ratchet - $9.99
Assorted Stanley Hand Tools - $1.99 AR each
Adjustable Bar Stool - $29.99
Black and Decker Workmate X-Frame Light Duty Workbench - $14.99 AR
Delta 6” Bench Grinder - $19.99 AR
DeWalt Heavy-Duty Palm Sander - $29.99 AR
DeWalt 14.4v Cordless Drill Kit - $99.99
DeWalt 16-Piece Magnetic Drive Guide Set - $Free AR
Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Back Cushion with Heat - $12.99
Ecurtis 7” Portable DVD Player with Accessory Kit - $69.99
George Foreman Large Electric Grill - $19.99 AR
Huffy 12” Bicycle - $19.99
Imode AM/FM/MP3 Alarm Clock - $39.99
Inflatable 5’ Snow Globe - $59.99
Knife/Multi-Tool Combo Set - $14.99 AR
Phillips Noice Cancelling Headphones - $29.99
PowerGlide Variable Speed Rotary Tool - $Free AR
Rayovac 8-Pack 9V Batteries - $4.99 AR
Rayovac 30-Pack AA or AAA Batteries - $4.99 AR
Rayovac 12-Pack C or D Batteries - $4.99 AR
RCA 5GB MP3 Player - $99.99
RCA Small Wonder Digital Camcorder - $89.99 AR
Snap-On Flashlight - $9.99
Wireless Digital Weather Forecaster - $19.99 AR

I just noticed this posting at but here is the text and it’s bad news for Office Depot:

We Didn’t Do Our Homework November 7, 2006
Going against my gut feeling, I posted earlier about Office Depot’s $299 (after-rebate) laptop computer: I thought this was Office Depot’s attempt at flying straight. Nope, it’s pretty much border-line con.

The math broke down like this:

$579.99 + ~7.5% tax (this varies by region, I used 7.5% because I think it’s a median value) = $623.50

$623.50 - $280 in rebates = $343.50 + a free printer (including tax).

Granted, this laptop wasn’t as powerful as Walmart’s, it was still $50 cheaper and a comparable alternative. Unfortunately, to order this, you had to go to a retail Office Depot location and have a Customer Service Representative punch in the Configuration Number to order it for you. But that’s not all. Since Office Depot would be shipping to you, they were charging a near minimum $50 shipping fee. One BFAds user reported he was quoted a shipping and handling fee of $78!

The shipping fee would bring the laptop to $400, which would be after rebates and would be a lesser system than Walmart’s. I personally apologize for this over-sight and hope you accept my apologies.

In the original post I said how horrible Office Depot’s rebates were, as evident by the following sites: Ripoff Report, Reseller Ratings (1.52/10) and’s amount of users that will never shop at Office Depot again. And perhaps my favorite thing about all of this, Office Depot owns the site They are apparently aware of the mass dislike directed towards them!

Office Depot’s less than honest business tactics are not supported by We will no longer be posting any of their items or Black Friday advertisements. We suggest you look at more respectable office supply stores such as OfficeMax (whose Black Friday sale has ABSOLUTELY NO REBATES) or Staples.

I’ll offer up my lappie for a real good deal. :smiley: :smiley: :iagree:

Best Buy’s scan is now up. The scan is horrible, but they also list out the items.

I wish I had enough cash for a Plasma or LCD HDTV this season. There are some good deals on those. Nothing else is jumping out at me. I’m really hoping for a BenQ 1640 or 1650 for $20-30.

Best Buy ads